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Received: Mar 2017 / Accepted: Mar 2017/ Published: Mar 2017

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Institute of Home and Food Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF), Pakistan.

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Manzoor, M. F. (2017). Quality evaluation of soy milk ice cream prepared with ipomoea batatas starch and meteroxylon sagu powder as stabilizing agent. Int. J. Agr. Life. Sci, 3(1), 157-163. doi: 10.22573/spg.ijals.017.s12200080.


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Stabilizers are used in ice cream preparation for viscosity, air incorporation, melt down and texture improvement to attain attractive end product. Soybeans were used to produce soy milk. Soy milk used as a milk replacer due to its some important health aspects such protein, vitamin C, isoflavones, dietary fiber, omega-3-fatty acid and oligosaccharides. Starch was extracted form Ipomoea Batatas. Meteroxylon Sagu powder and Ipomoea Batatas starch analyzed against some quality characteristics such as pH, swelling power and solubility, water holding capacity, moisture, ash protein and viscosity. Ice cream was prepared by using soy milk with different concentration such as 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75% of starch and powder. Commercially used stabilizing agent Cremodan was kept as reference standard. Prepared ice cream mix was analyzed against some physicochemical and sensory parameters. Ice cream sample that contain ipomoea batatas starch 0.75% showed significant (P<0.05) outcomes against overrun, standup time, viscosity and melt-ability. Soy milk ice cream development with natural stabilizers such as starches can be cost effective and provide more health benefits.